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Montblanc is widely considered the marquis brands of fine pens, eclipsing all other fine pen brands by its world-wide brand recognition and enormous popularity among fine pen connoisseurs.

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Montblanc Outlet Online Patron Of Art Homage To Victoria & Albert Limited Edition: Impressively Regal Writing Instruments

Amazingly, it’s been 30 years since Montblanc first introduced the limited edition Patron of Art collection paying homage each year to significant historical art patrons. Patronage has played an important role in painting, architecture, sculpture, and even music throughout history, with the affluent and other influencers serving as sponsors in the production or commission of works.

Lorenzo de Medici – one of the most enthusiastic proponents of Renaissance culture in Italy – was Montblanc’s honoree that first year, 1992, and the octagonal sterling silver Lorenzo de Medici fountain pen remains one of my all-time favorites.

Like its forebears, this year’s Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert is another fine example of Montblanc’s artistry in pen making. It is also the last Patron of Art collection the company intends to produce, so its elaborateness is as much a nod to this (sad) fact as it is to Montblanc’s increasingly proficient pen-making playbook.

The six writing instruments spin an interesting yarn about the British royal couple as passionate partners and art patrons, and their story is told via a variety of in-house decorative techniques that seem to get more intricate by the year.

A lot has happened to facilitate this evolution, including an increased focus on research and development. And Montblanc’s decision several years ago to make multiple editions of each of its Patron of Art pens is a huge opportunity to show off its métiers d’art, which includes engraving, stone setting, lacquering, pearl work, and more. It also allows for a variety of price points, in this case reaching to $162,500 for the diamond-studded Victoria and Albert LE8, the most limited of the four editions.

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Continuing the Pace of the Past: Montblanc Outlet Introduces the Minerva Monopusher Chronograph Red Arrow

Montblanc is diving deeper into its (adopted) heritage with the Minerva Monopusher Chronograph Red Arrow. This is exactly one of those watches that made me revise my opinion of integrating the legendary Minerva manufacture in the Montblanc brand many years ago. While at first I was worried that the exceptional expertise of the first was used to boost the appeal of the latter, Montblanc has shown itself a more than worthy custodian of Minerva, ensuring that its heritage is brought into the future. ..........Read full article

Montblanc Outlet Captures The Beauty Of Glaciers In Icy-Cool Collection

A source of inspiration for the Montblanc brand since its inception, the Mont Blanc peak towers high above all other mountains in Europe. This wonder of monumental proportions is also home to glaciers and iced lakes with ice of captivating beauty that have inspired a selection of products featuring distinctive ice designs, across multiple categories. ..........Read full article

Introducing Montblanc Outlet Online Dives Into Watches & Wonders With Two New Tool Watches

Montblanc has released a bevy of models for the 2022 edition of Watches & Wonders, and among them are two tool watches with a razor-sharp focus on the functionality specific to diving and flying. Let's start with the watch made for divers, the 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date. The focal point is the dial, which boasts a specific texture that mimics the characteristics of ice found in glaciers. Designers took inspiration from the frozen Mer de Glace, or Sea of Ice, found in the Mont-Blanc Massif. The result is a dial that tricks the eye – the dial is only .5mm thick, but it looks like there's fractured and splintered glacial ice measuring a few millimeters thick. The dial featuring this pattern comes in blue, green, and black. ..........Read full article

Montblanc Outlet Debuts it First Diver’s Watch at Watches & Wonders

At this year’s Watches & Wonders, Montblanc premiered its first diver’s watch, available with a blue, green and black dial and water-resistant to 300 meters or 1,000 feet. The brand’s take on this sought-after watch genre is quite refreshing; instead of referring to maritime diving, the glacial lakes around the Mont Blanc massif in the Northern France Chamonix valley inspired the 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date. ..........Read full article

Montblanc Outlet Meisterstück Soft Grain Leather: Harnessing The Timeless Luxury Of A Snow-Capped Icon

Montblanc’s earliest history is in pen making, and each of the lifestyle products that followed – watches, jewelry, leather, fragrance, and more – in some way acknowledges the foundational writing instrument. The new Meisterstück leather collection is no exception, paying very evident respect to the pen whose name it shares.

“The aim was to bring the design of the [leather] collection even closer to Montblanc’s iconic symbol of timeless luxury, the Meisterstück writing instrument,” said Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc’s new artistic director. “By mirroring some of its distinguishing features like the nib itself, as well as the color and shine of the pen’s precious resin with its smooth sensual touch, we have created pieces that truly stand out.”

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Luxury accessories company Montblanc’s artistic director, Marco Tomasetta, joined the organization in March 2021. His resume includes Givenchy, Prada, Chloé, and Louis Vuitton, but his first order of business at the Hamburg, Germany-based company was to do a deep dive into its archives to find inspiration to update its signature Meisterstück leather accessories collection. 

The German word for “masterpiece,” Meisterstück is also the moniker of Montblanc’s signature writing instrument. Although the pen comes in ballpoint, mechanical pencil, and several other models, it’s best known as a classic fountain pen. The shape of the pen’s nib became the focus of his creative journey: Besides being applied to leather details — like where handles and straps are attached to bags — it’s also been used as inspiration for updated zipper pulls, luggage tags, and closures. 

The collection’s silhouettes have been rounded for a more clean, contemporary look, and — one of our favorite touches — a new leather has been developed in a very deep tone of matte black inspired by dark, fluid ink. The Mont Blanc snowcap emblem, a significant branding element, is also used in the collection. A small envelope “Pouch” features the silhouette of a craggy Alpine mountainside, taken from a 1920 Montblanc advertisement. 

“The aim was to bring the design of the collection even closer to Montblanc’s iconic symbol of timeless luxury – the Meisterstück writing instrument. By mirroring some of its distinguishing features like the nib itself as well as the colour and shine of the pen’s precious resin with its smooth sensual touch, we have created pieces that truly stand out. Not simply because of their elevated design, but because they clearly showcase Montblanc’s DNA”, explains Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc Artistic Director. 

Large leather goods include a briefcase, document case, tote and duffle. Smaller pieces include portfolios, pouches, wallets, card holders, and key pouches. Two other collections, Selection Glacier and Selection Soft, will make their debuts on March 30th and April 1st, respectively.

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Three Step To Clean A Montblanc Fountain Pen Outlet With Ease!

With the Montblanc fountain pen range having such a high price tag yet still being one of the more popular modern fountain pen ranges on the market, we constantly see people reaching out and asking a number of different questions on how they are able to best care for their pens. We have noticed more and more people reaching out and asking questions similar to how do you clean a Montblanc fountain pen so we have decided to publish our own article going over the whole process. ..........Read full article

Montblanc Outlet Takes Inspiration From "God of Snow Mountain" for 1858 Frosty Red Series

The Montblanc 1858 Series Frost Peak Red Limited Editions take their inspiration from the highest peak in Yunnan known as “God of Snow Mountain” or Kawagebo, which offers a “frosty red” appearance when viewed from the foot at dawn, represented in the watches by red lacquer dials. ..........Read full article

Montblanc’s Outlet New Watch Blends Fitness, Functionality, and Style

I know what you’re thinking, too: Montblanc isn’t exactly a brand known in the fitness space. When you think Montblanc, we think of high-end bags and wallets, sunglasses, pens, and stationary. You don’t think of a rugged device you’ll don during any and every workout. And the Summit Lite may have a hefty price tag ($725), but it aims to change that. And while it may not be flawless, it's a quality alternative if you’re looking to stand out. ..........Read full article