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Montblanc is widely considered the marquis brands of fine pens, eclipsing all other fine pen brands by its world-wide brand recognition and enormous popularity among fine pen connoisseurs.

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Montblanc Outlet Takes Inspiration From "God of Snow Mountain" for 1858 Frosty Red Series

The Montblanc 1858 Series Frost Peak Red Limited Editions take their inspiration from the highest peak in Yunnan known as “God of Snow Mountain” or Kawagebo, which offers a “frosty red” appearance when viewed from the foot at dawn, represented in the watches by red lacquer dials. ..........Read full article

Montblanc’s Outlet New Watch Blends Fitness, Functionality, and Style

I know what you’re thinking, too: Montblanc isn’t exactly a brand known in the fitness space. When you think Montblanc, we think of high-end bags and wallets, sunglasses, pens, and stationary. You don’t think of a rugged device you’ll don during any and every workout. And the Summit Lite may have a hefty price tag ($725), but it aims to change that. And while it may not be flawless, it's a quality alternative if you’re looking to stand out. ..........Read full article

7 novelties from Montblanc Outlet fit for anyone with discerning taste

You go to Montblanc for luxury, for a gift that impresses. It’s the destination for graduation-gift fountain pens, for accessories — the premium leather goods; the special timepieces — that, when gifted, elicits a bonafide sense of excitement. The speechlessness. The ‘Wow’ moment. Because a gift from Montblanc is a gift that lasts — beyond this holiday season to the next. And another. And another yet. ..........Read full article

In the black with Montblanc's Outlet latest collection

Montblanc recently launched the UltraBlack Collection in Shanghai, its first completely cross-category collection united by an all-black design theme.
The color black has been part of Montblanc's DNA since the brand's inception in 1906, with ebonite as the main ingredient in the production of Montblanc's original writing instruments, and one of the only two colors in the company's emblem, created in 1913. ..........Read full article

Montblanc Outlet Presents UltraBlack Range at Feuerle Collection Gallery Unveiling

As its first cross-category collection, the Montblanc UltraBlack range boasts a sleek all-black color palette onto a selection of leather goods and accessories. These include the Montblanc UltraBlack backpack, mini clutch and folio, the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere UltraBlack Watch, the Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch, Montblanc MB 01 UltraBlack Over-Ear Headphones, rounded off with the Montblanc StarWalker UltraBlack Writing Instruments. ..........Read full article

Montblanc Meisterstück Great Masters Pirelli Limited Edition 1872 Outlet Online

Vintage pen lovers know that rubber was an important material in the early days of pen making. Specifically, ebonite, a vulcanized rubber, was used by Montblanc and others for a variety of writing instrument applications, including bodies and feeds—and it is still in use today, though to a lesser degree. So it seems a perfect pairing for German luxury pen maker Montblanc to team up with Milan-based high-performance tire maker Pirelli, known for its rubber products since 1872, to produce a pen: the Meisterstück Great Masters Pirelli Limited Edition 1872. ..........Read full article

Montblanc Outlet Welcomes New Ambassadors Cillian Murphy And Peggy Gou With Ultrablack Collection

Montblanc has dropped the new Ultrablack collection to celebrate signing new brand ambassadors, Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy and South Korean DJ and record label founder, Peggy Gou. ..........Read full article

Montblanc Writers Edition fountain pen Outlet collection pays homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The German luxury goods company, Montblanc has unveiled a Writers Edition fountain pen collection that pays tribute to the Scottish explorer, doctor and brilliant writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The legendary literary figure wrote 200 novels, short stories and poems, and created Sherlock Holmes – one of the most intriguing figures in the literary history. ..........Read full article

Italy’s side of Mont Blanc Outlet faces collapse due to climate change, say experts

The Planpincieux glacier, at an altitude of about 2,700 metres (8,860 feet), hangs over the hamlet of Planpincieux, underneath the south face of the Grandes Jorasses within the Mont Blanc massif in Italy’s picturesque northwest corner. ..........Read full article

Montblanc Star Legacy Metamorphosis & Star Legacy Suspended Exo Tourbillon: The Fancier Side Of Montblanc Outlet

The Montblanc Star Legacy Suspended Exo Tourbillon is time-only (most of the really cool watches are, it seems) and keeps the focus on the awesome tourbillon at 6 o’clock. The Exo Tourbillon, a Montblanc high-end feature for more than a decade, is a unique configuration that brings the balance outside of and above the tourbillon cage so that the mechanism offers improved efficiency and energy usage. ..........Read full article